Speed dating french tes

Speed dating french tes

Speed dating french tes

Where do you live?) and they answer, giving the information on their card. Outline: Leaflet starter, dtlos, Level model together, Tongue-twister, Common errors in French pronunciation, Intonation (up for questions, up down for statements Do the speed dating activity (2.5 mins per question plen: 5 mins to add the mean of the levels given and summarise feedback, hwk. Students then have two or three minutes with a partner to ask each other questions in French (What is speed dating the woodlands texas your name?

The profile includes likes/dislikes as well. French speaking and listening activity, 'speed dating' style.

It works towards the end of the unit when you want a speaking level without doing formal teacher assessments. Student receive a dating profile and have to adopt it as their identity. At the bottom of each profile is a chart where the students write the name of their partner and determine how compatible they are with that person. The profile includes likes/dislikes as well as political views and opinions on jobs, children, etc. There are also questions to help students begin their conversations.

French, speaking Activity: Speed Dating by Ces1392., tes

Female profiles in one row and male profiles in the other. Students then check that they heard / noted the correct details before moving on to another partner. Resources: PowerPoint, Feedback sheets (1 per person video (for transitions - They have to sit by the time you stop it in new place, Link on PowerPoint is for one of my favourites by Stromae Levels laminates (good to have a set to hand.

Student receive a dating profile and have to adopt it as their identity. This is a lesson I train pupils in from as early as possible (possibly not absolute beginners) and within a few run-throughs it can run itself. How old are you? As an extension activity students could also describe what the character looks like or give additional details.

what do think about online dating When is your birthday? These cards can be cut up and laminated, one is given to each student. After three minutes with a partner, the male profiles move one seat down. The students are placed in 2 rows of two desks facing each other.

French Speed Dating, activity by debskapick - Teaching

After 8 turns, students add up their totals to determine who their best match would. Really fun and successful what does it mean when a guy your dating calls you hun activity.

For, french level 2. For French level 2.

The row of female profiles will not move. You may have a male student adopting a female profile, which just makes it a lot of fun. Students really enjoy this and it provides lots of opportunity to practise their speaking and listening. My what does it mean when a guy your dating calls you hun French 3s loved it! It requires a set of questions prepared by students in a previous homework. The cards can then be distruibuted around the class and used as a prompt for a writing activity for students to write a character profile.

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