Dating lachenal concertinas

Dating lachenal concertinas

Dating lachenal concertinas

51 In conclusion, the dating lachenal concertinas tabular compilation that follows provides both a quick guide to dating certain features of Lachenals concertinas and some notes about individual instruments:. Well my grandfather was, until the patent ran out, with Wheatstone, and Lachenal had made all the tools for the plant, and he started on his own my grandfather went with Lachenaland then he started with Nickolds as a partnership. Wheatstone., 9 and it is interesting to note that they were only about a quarter of an hours walk from Charles Wheatstones house, in Lower Mall, Hammersmith, 10 suggesting that he was probably taking an active interest in the venture.

Documents in the Concertina Library concerning. The wooden end has not been chewed up by the screws.

And if you DO have a serial number/date combination, please email me so we can include it in our analysis. Lachenals independence would also seem to be confirmed by the entry for Lachenal Louis, machinist, British grove (under the heading Traders, in Chiswick) in the Post Office Directory of Essex, Herts, Kent, Middlesex, Surrey and Sussex (London: Kelly, 1855 online at the website of the. - Buyer's Guide

The form of the family name was changed to La Chenal in England at the time of the First World War, in order to appear more French (and more importantly at that time, less German!). Reed Plate, a typical reed plate, they don't come more pristine than this, those reeds glint in the sunlight.

Dating, lachenal, anglo, concertinas : A More Accurate Method, by William Meredith. This is the earliest reference in the ledgers to a concertina being a Lach, that is, one of the unfinished Lachenal stock of instruments eventually completed by Wheatstones. Post Office London Directory 1874.

It is thought that concertinas numbered up to about 20000 are labelled Louis Lachenal, but after that they are labelled Lachenal and. And I have now discovered that those pieces of unfinished work start to appear in the Wheatstone ledgers as early as the autumn of 1933 with the following two consecutive entries: Sept 22 Model 51 Rosewood 26 keys Lach is dating the same as going out Oct 10 Accordeaphon 49 1st. English (a) As Louis Lachenal (1858-1873) 6119 label missing, earliest known (CMC 72) 6372 labelled. So it lay untouched until April 2003 when I restored.

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47 Nobody else could get.It all went for as little as a hundred quid, including the gas oil that drove the machinery.

It's all a bit academic, but lots of us would like to know how old our. These include the design of the fretwork, long thumb straps with top screws (like a regular concertina) instead of the usual short straps with clips, and gay dating mangalore an ordinary paper makers label, not an engraved nickel-silver one; hence it is not badged as an Edeophone (was. 19, in addition, it looks as though he probably started his own numbering of English concertinas at 6000, perhaps reckoning that he had already made about that many for Wheatstones. It is numbered internally with 21644, which dates it around 1882 using one dating system.

In dating lachenal concertinas Musical Opinion Music Trade Review Correspondence, 222. Many corners on the bellows have been patched, when I get some free time I'll do the job properly. King, 31,North., Manchester Sqre.

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