8 11 matchmaking changes

8 11 matchmaking changes

8 11 matchmaking changes

This keeps players from seeing tanks that are way out of their league.

This week, were going to roll out another round of changes in an effort to improve matchmaking. That bug appears to be getting looked.

I had 1705 Glory points when.2.3 dropped. Hey folks, Based on all of the feedback we have been reading in this thread, we are going to be walking back some of our proposed Huttball changes along with adding a few new ones. When I heard of the matchmaking changes coming.2.3, i was not with the majority in praising the change-so far (and it is admittedly early) my fears have been realized and. I'm going to use the Glory matchmaking changes to make this point. I was hollowed 8 11 matchmaking changes out playing last night-dejected and trying to resign myself to looking at the calendar for support.

Swtor Upcoming Matchmaking Changes in Patch.9.2

If something fundamental is going to change about progression, that change should be made at the start of a new season-not in the middle of an existing one.

Previously, dating sites with instant messenger only tier X tanks were eligible for this tier, but now matchmaking is free to distribute tier X tanks more quickly in order to reduce queue times for tanks that may see them in battle. We also plan to keep the change that prevents stunned targets from catching the Huttball, as it allows characters that lack a knockback ability to have a viable and reliable way to intercept passes. This felt unnecessary and bewilderingly punitive for players like. Thanks for listening, and thank you for making this game.

You will get some serious chop at the start of the season, and then it will settle into you winning/losing roughly 50 of your matches. The hinder change was aimed at addressing specific issues with Huttball, and since we are reverting it, well be tackling those issues with some new proposed changes. When the in-game matchmaker is building a battle, it wont choose tanks over that tier. You cannot empirically trust that someone with a lower Glory rank is actually lower skilled than you. 467 73 comments, shoutout to Fineokay 480 58 comments, for the love of god please make the adventure count like a normal match 11 3 comments. Yet Smite Conquest cannot?

8.11 Matchmaking Table For the Record

Ultimately, it should mean that you get stunned a little less often while carrying the Huttball. It was stated in the. Right now (mid-season) I do not know where.3 k/d player is supposed to settle.

11 update, we will be removing battle tier XII matches, though your matchmaking will not change dramatically. 46 14 comments, classic Joust 53 7 comments. I'm getting destroyed in nearly every match 3-12 where one of 8 11 matchmaking changes the wins was a team not showing up, and another was a 4. Even with 8 11 matchmaking changes the (much better) loss streak changes -its a harrowing difference.

Although we are fine with tanks being the best ball carriers while under the effects of Hinder, we hear your concerns that these changes could cause Huttball to become a stalemate too often. I love this game, and I love the people that play it with. Twab that the higher up you go in the playlist the harder your matches will become. To win before time expires, the winning team will need to score 10 times (up from 6 times).

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